Party Event


  • The Starter gives you full audio, with zero compromises
  • Full DJ and Emcee services included
  • Gives your event a custom playlist, catering to your wants, goals and specifications
  • Offers the highest quality audio and mixing equipment in the industry, producing massive sound
  • One wireless microphone is dedicated for speeches and special presentations, one corded microphone is dedicated for the DJ and Emcee
  • You save money by us providing the table AND linen for each booth setup

Lighting Packages


  • Ultra-bright professional lighting projected on your event's dance floor and ceiling
  • Sound reactive lighting and lasers with robotic and moving effects to create an impressive dance experience


  • Choose a complementing color for your posh event!
  • Up-light the perimeters in a customized color to complement your event style and atmosphere
  • Color Options (Cyan is shown): Your color options are truly endless. We can customize your color to match or contrast your accents or theme colors. You say the color you want and it can be created! You can even go Sound Active for dancing! The LED colors that create the full-range light palette are White, Amber, Red, Green, Blue, and Ultraviolet


  • Creates an emphasis on your dancing by framing the performing DJ
  • Choose a color that compliments your event (match or contrast existing colors or coordinate with Glow)
  • Adds a clean, crisp and modern feel to your DJ entertainment
  • Color Options: Sound Active (flashing), Amber, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Cool White


  • Prestige and prominence is what this package offers
  • This package provides the full combination of the Pulse, Glow and Truss packages… but gives you more equipment and better savings
  • Included VIP Enhancement: Glow Stick Bracelets are provided for FREE!

VIP Enhancements (A La Carte)

Gobo Lettering or Design

  • Project initials or simple logos on walls, ceilings and floors to strengthen the focus of your event
  • Add classy, floral and victorian designs to walls, ceilings and floors

Ultraviolet Lighting

  • Bring out the whites and/or flourescent colors at your event or make them glow
  • Great for making the bride's white dress stand out above the rest
  • Have a glow party and purchase this package to activate your paints, balloons and colors

Fog Machine

  • Creates vibrant, sharp, ray-tracing effects with the lasers and dance lighting in the Pulse Package for incredible dance experiences
  • Can also be used for unique effects in your customized party

Glow Stick Bracelets

  • Assorted colored bracelets for guests to wear during group dancing
  • Tossed out periodically during group dancing or at client’s chosen time
  • Up to 100 bracelets per order

Colored LED Flashing Batons

  • Provides multi-colored flashing batons that guests for dance and create motion with
  • Tossed out periodically during group dancing or at client’s chosen time
  • Up to 15 batons per order