Weddings That Keep Me Stoked

Providing DJ entertainment, lighting and audio for weddings, where the couples are both sincere and selfless, is pure joy. Tom and Mariah's wedding will be an event for their guests and I to remember for years to come. Consultations were filled with conversations, questions and answers customized to their wedding ideas and dreams. DJ Mast Productions, LLC had the opportunity to provide, not one, but two secret dances for the guests. Mariah's father made a special appointment with me to rehearse a song by Frank Sinatra to be sang to Mariah as a very unique expression of "I love you" (note the lavaliere mic!). Tom and his mother both hired me to produce a special song mix for their special dance. After several editions of the song being sent and agreed on, they choreographed the entire song and performed for their guests. Their wedding had so much energy and love in it that it made me smile inside and out.

Tom and Mariah, be blessed as you continue to grow for each other. Continue to be selfless and loving. Be blessed.

-DJ Mast

Photo credits: Olivia Rae Photography. It is a total blast working with Olivia. She is talented and such a sweet vendor to book. If you love her style, check her out by clicking this Optional Vendors link.

Josh Mast

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